Whether your furniture is old or new, if you are happy with the size and shape of your piece and it has a good quality frame it is worth reupholstering.


A high quality frame is usually built of hardwood such as alder, oak or maple. Don't worry if your favorite piece is not made of a hardwood. most frames can be built upon to increase lasting quality. We will always inspect the framework and make any repairs, modifications or reinforcements needed to insure long lasting stability.  


Our quality craftsman begin by removing the old fabric from your furniture. Springs are often retied, webbing replaced and padding restored to bring your furniture back to life. Replacing foam and fills with our high quality products will also increase luxury and comfort.


Reupholstering your furniture gives you the freedom to select fabric that fits your personal style and color scheme.


Be green!  Restoring your furniture through re-upholstery reduces landfill waste. There is no need to litter the landfill with shabby furniture when a good upholstery job could give your furniture new life for years to come.


When you choose to re-upholster we will create a unique quality piece of furniture that compares to the class of custom made. Dollar per dollar re-upholstery can be one of your best investments.


Can't find that perfect piece of furniture?  We can custom build to your needs. 




Slipcovers are a great way to make a seasonal color or style change to your furniture. 

Slipcovers are removeable and are often machine washable.


Whether you desire a new fabric cover, stuffing, or both, we can assist you. We create custom cushions and pillows for  indoor or outdoor use.

Cushion Types: Window seat cushions, boncos, pillows, chair pads and more. 

Fill Options: Foam, dacron, fibercore, down & feather, pollysilk down alternative and more.



We can repair and restore broken frames, loose or sagging springs, torn seams, pet damages and more